GIFF a.s. - the tradition of metallurgical production in Frydlant nad Ostravici

The current method of production of castings of the GIFF a.s. foundry maintains a tradition of ironworks that stretches back generations. Originally, when it was founded in 1618, it focused on the production of pig iron, since then the production process has evolved and flourished over time. In 1832, the growing need for iron constructions prompted the establishment of the Vítkovice ironworks, which functioned as an offshoot of the respected Frydlant ironworks.

Transformation phase of GIFF a.s. foundry

The installation of two cupola furnaces in 1852 marked a fundamental turning point in the development of iron works in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí. This major advance redirected all efforts to large-scale production of cast-iron goods, with an emphasis on cast-iron stoves, which gained widespread popularity throughout Europe.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a decline in the production of pig iron and the unrelenting demand for cast iron goods, especially stoves, required the integration of modern molding machines.


Development of the Frydlant ironworks: From FERRUM to GIFF a.s.

A significant turning point was the year 1913, when a company known as FERRUM was founded for the production of iron goods. This company leased the Frydlant ironworks for a period of 50 years and effectively closed the era of ownership of the company under the archbishop’s administration. After a short hiatus, the company reappeared in 1990 under the name FERRUM after it was separated from the state-owned enterprise OSTROJ Opava.

The last transformation phase occurred in September of 2001, when the company changed its name to GIFF a.s.

Present-day GIFF a.s. foundry

GIFF a.s. is in the current environment its own production unit, which can boast of a respectable annual production of approximately 5,500 tons of castings. These castings cover a variety of weight categories from 2 to 100 kg and are produced in countless dimensions up to 700 mm. The company works with materials such as ČSN EN GJL 150, ČSN EN GJL 200, ČSN EN GJL 250 (GG-15 to GG-25, with GG-25 adapted for larger orders), including cast iron ČSN EN GJS 500-7 (GGG-50).


Molding line HSP–3D foundry GIFF a.s.

The company uses the most modern HSP-3D molding line, with molding frames with dimensions of 850 x 850 x 200 mm working on the principle of blowing sand mixture with compressed air using SEIATSU valves with subsequent re-pressing. The newly installed HSP–3D2 line further increases the level of mold quality and ensures a significant ecological benefit by capturing most of the fugitive emissions. This high-tech line boasts a production capacity of 60 complete molds per hour. The molding process takes place into a synthetic bentonite mixture.

GIFF a.s. foundry equipment

Electric induction furnaces

Automatic molding lines

Computer-controlled sand preparation

Automated core machines

Manipulator for handling castings

Modernized grinding and sand blasting shop including dust removal and recovery

Machining of castings on CNC machines

Laboratory and quality control department

Pattern shop and CNC center