In the field of industrial manufacturing, a foundry plays a key role in shaping and manufacturing various metal components used in a wide variety of applications. These specialized facilities use advanced techniques and equipment to create castings accurately and efficiently. GIFF a.s. is an independent manufacturing unit that achieves significant success in the industry.

Slévárna GIFF a.s. and its versatility

Foundry GIFF a.s. boasts an impressive production capacity – producing approximately 5,500 tons of castings annually. These castings are produced in various weight categories (2-100 kg) and dimensions up to 700 mm. The foundry boasts the ability to work with a variety of materials, including ČSN EN GJL 150, ČSN EN GJL 200 and ČSN EN GJL 250 (GG-15 to GG-25, with GG-25 reserved for larger jobs), as well as ČSN ductile iron EN GJS 500-7 (GGG-50).

Advanced mold making

One of the key aspects of the success of GIFF a.s. is a modern and efficient mold manufacturing process. The foundry uses a state-of-the-art HSP-3D mold production line with molding frames measuring 850 x 850 x 200 mm, working on the principle of blowing with compressed air using SEIATSU valves with subsequent repressing. This technology, together with subsequent pouring, ensures accurate and consistent mold production. To further expand our capabilities, we recently introduced the HSP-3D2 line, which features improved fugitive emission capture. This high-tech line boasts a production capacity of 60 complete molds per hour. The molding process takes place into a synthetic bentonite mixture.

Foundry equipment

To support its production operations, GIFF a.s. maintains a wide range of devices. It also includes its own sand shop, which provides a reliable source of high-quality molding mixture for the casting process. In addition, the foundry boasts of a well-equipped core room, two INDUCTOTHERM ELPHIAC electric induction medium frequency furnaces with a capacity of 5 tons and two EGES electric induction medium frequency furnaces with a capacity of 6 tons. These furnaces are used to melt the metals used in casting.

Foundry and its technology

Electric induction furnaces

Automatic forming lines

Computer-controlled sand preparation

Automated core machines

Manipulator for handling castings and for separating inflows

Modernized grinding and sand blasting shop including dust removal and recovery

Machining of castings on CNC machines

Laboratory and quality control department

Pattern shop

CNC center

Unrivaled quality and precision

The foundry’s commitment is to flexibly solve the customer’s needs and deliver castings of the required quality. GIFF a.s. also offers comprehensive finishing services, including blasting, sanding, painting and packaging. The foundry is equipped with a modern center for complete processing of castings, which includes precise measurement and quality control. This ensures that the final products meet the highest standards of accuracy and performance. In addition, the foundry has a pattern shop where it produces all kinds of pattern equipment from classic materials such as wood, metal and resin, satisfying both internal needs and external customers. We now machine castings and model devices on CNC machine tools.

Seamless production

What sets GIFF a.s. apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate the technological preparation of production into its operations. The foundry can process the entire technological process, either on the basis of supplied technical drawings or imported castings, using the most modern available methods. This ensures a smooth and efficient production process with an emphasis on meeting the customer’s requirements and specifications.

GIFF a.s. – a pioneer among foundries

GIFF a.s. is a renowned and innovative foundry with impressive production capacity and diverse options. With state-of-the-art mold making techniques, modern equipment and a commitment to quality, the foundry continues to deliver high-quality castings to its customers. By using modern methods and staying at the forefront of technological progress, GIFF a.s. a driving force in the foundry industry and contributes to the development of metalworking as a whole.

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