CNC machining

In the dynamic environment of modern manufacturing, precision and efficiency are the pillars of success. The GIFF foundry understands the importance of cutting-edge technologies, especially CNC machining, to achieve unrivaled results.

Advantages of CNC machining

Machining on our CNC machines brings cost and time savings to customers, as logistics costs are eliminated, internal defects are detected in time and subsequent complaints are reduced. The customer then receives a product with a higher added value.

Our CNC machining machines:
QUICK milling cutter

The heart of machining in our company is the MAS MCV 1000 QUICK milling machine. This modern equipment is adapted for machining cast iron products with an emphasis on precision and efficiency. The QUICK mill boasts a three-axis configuration that offers versatility in tackling a variety of machining tasks.

Table clamping surface

The generous size of the table clamping surface of 1300 x 600 mm ensures easy clamping of various workpieces.

Table load

The QUICK milling machine with a table capacity of 700 kg proves its robust construction and ability to handle a significant workload.

RPM range

The machine is powered by a FANUC drive and offers a speed range from 20 to 10000 min-1, which enables high-speed machining without reducing accuracy.

DOOSAN carousel

The machine park of the GIFF Foundry houses a DOOSAN V850TM high-carousel machine, designed specifically for machining large and heavy parts such as spindles for the energy industry and heavy machinery components.

Cutting surface

The DOOSAN carousel machine with a cutting surface of 850 mm ensures that even the largest workpieces can be machined with high precision.

RPM range

Powered by a FANUC 1800 rpm drive, this machine operates in a speed range that balances performance and precision for optimal results.

Tool station

The DOOSAN V850TM carousel machine, equipped with a station for 2×12 tools, brings versatility to the machining processes, which enables efficient tool changes and adaptation to different production requirements.

Importance of CNC machining


CNC machines such as QUICK Cutter and DOOSAN Carousel ensure unmatched precision in the manufacturing process and meet the strict specifications of various industries.


Thanks to the automation and programmability of machines, efficiency is increased, production time is shortened and errors are minimized.


CNC machines can be customized for different materials and applications, giving manufacturers a versatile solution for different machining needs.