Production of models

Our experienced technicians will custom design a model device according to your requirements. The models are made from a variety of materials, including wood, cast resin and aluminum, which are selected to match the customer’s needs and the volume of the order. Maintenance of model equipment in the customer’s property is also ensured. Whether the technical documentation comes in the traditional form of drawings or digitally, we adapt without problems. If the customer supplies a drawing of the casting in digital form (preferably a 3D drawing), we are able to significantly shorten the preparation for the production of the ordered casting.

Kovo model shop

Completion of new model devices and modification of model devices.

3D printing

One of the most important aspects of 3D printing is its ability to quickly and efficiently create prototypes. We use 3D printing to create prototypes and model devices in small series production. Furthermore, to the creation of inlet systems and the production of auxiliary products.

Advantages of 3D Printing:

  • speed and flexibility, reduces the time needed to develop new products
  • cost reduction, less waste, cheaper material and lower costs due to automation
CNC model shop

We have been dedicated to providing advanced manufacturing solutions since May 2015 and specialize in creating foundry models, cores, parts and fixtures. Our expertise extends to technologies such as the VDC 1750-HS MACMATIC precision three-axis gantry technology equipment for precision high-speed milling and the innovative AKIRA SEIKI HV5.5HH three-axis finishing mill.

Model making – applications and software

Our specialization consists in the production of model devices, parts and preparations using mainly aluminum and its alloys. Our meticulous approach begins with the development of complex 3D designs through AutoCAD Inventor. We are able to process data in x_t, stp, step, gis formats.

Technical parameters of the machining center

  • HEIDENHAIN 5300 control system
  • Work table dimensions 1600 x 1000 mm
  • The load capacity of the work table is 3 tons
  • Maximum spindle speed 18,000 rpm.